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A Leader in Commercial / Residential Construction

Kickin’ A Inc. is a knowledge based corporation with exceptional customer service as its core value in Excavation, Demolition, Concrete and Utility Services . Kickin'A is a leader in commercial and residential construction.

In 2002 Danny and Daniel Robertson bought their first machine and started off doing small jobs for locals in the Hood County area. As Granbury and Hood County grew, the demand came for more as well as for larger equipment.  The Robertson family kept investing and growing this small company to meet the needs of the growing community. Now that small company has grown into two corporations, Kickin’ A Inc. and Kickin’ A Leasing Inc., averages 15 employees and is continuing to steadily grow. Kickin’ A Inc. achieves its steady growth through its diversity and adaptability for the challenges that come with construction. 

Large scale commercial projects became part of the company in 2008 and currently Kickin’ A’s goal is to maintain 8-10 ongoing contracts at all times while still taking care of the ones that got us here today, our local customers. Kickin’ A is committed to prepare for the future and invest in our company as well as the relationships of our customers. Contact a member of our team and let us know what we can do for you today!  

Excavation Services

  • Pads Sites - Residential & Commercial
  • Culvert Installation - New & Extensions
  • Driveways - New & Repair
  • Drainage Repair & Installation
  • Final Grades
  • Landscaping

Demolition Services

  • Site Demolition (Commercial / Residential)
  • Utility Demolition
  • Paving / Parking Lot Demolition
  • Tree / Vegetation Removal

Concrete Services

  • Slab / Foundation
  • Sidewalks
  • Paving

Utility Services

  • Water (Domestic/Main)
  • Sewer
  • Firelines
  • Dry Utilities
  • Septic


6151 Friendship Road, Tolar, Tx



  • Arena Sand
  • Common Fill
  • Select Fill
  • Top Soil
  • Cushion Sand

As mentioned above, Kickin’ A Inc. is in a continued commitment to improving the productivity of positioning through investments in the latest technology as in Topcon GPS Systems. Topcon enhances the HiPer family of products by adding Vanguard Technology to the HiPer V. In the early 2000’s Topcon revolutionized GNSS receivers by integrating the design to be compact and light weight. Topcon continues the revolution with Vanguard technology. Topcon raises the standard once again by adding Vanguard Technology’s 226 channels and fence antenna into a versatile, configurable receiver, HiPer V. The additional channels and precision antenna element make RTK positioning faster and more productive than any other receiver on the market. Watch the video below to see where Kickin’ A is and where we are going.